Plastic and glass jars are a simple and cost-effective way to share your heavy cream, moisturizer, or powder with customers. Take a look below to see more examples of how jars are an ideal choice for many different products …


Polypro jar

PP (Polypropylene) Jars are used throughout the beauty industry for creams, exfoliants, and heavy lotions. We supply PP jars in single wall, thickwall, double wall options with many, many decoration options.



PET (polyethylene terephthalate) jars are recyclable, offer excellent clarity, and barrier resistance against bathroom floors. We have a steady supply of dark amber, light amber, green, and cobalt blue options with sizes from extra small to extra large. Minimum Order Quantities are usually by the pallet with stock options readily available across the United States.


Glass Jars

The beauty industry loves glass jars and we do, too. We’ve designed, created, and manufactured glass jars for our clients that have resulted in beautiful finishes and brand loyalty. With minimum orders starting at 5,000 pieces, give us a call to get started.