Formula, Function, and Form

When choosing between glass and plastic packaging components, how do you begin and where do you start? We’ll guide you through a few steps to help best decide on the packaging best suited for your product:

Formula: Your product is the basis of your business. When it comes to choosing the right material for your packaging, the only place to start is your formula. Every formula is different, and knowing your formula is the key to successful packaging. If you haven’t developed your own formula, it’s best to discuss with your formulator or chemist to understand if there are any type of compatibility issues or caustic essential oils that could ruin your product if combined with the wrong type of plastic packaging. If there is any doubt, give us a call and we can guide you through a few different packaging materials to get things a proper compatibility test started.

Function: The application of your product is detrimental to your customer’s experiences. If your components aren’t functioning the way that best aligns with your formula, then your customers will share their poor experience through blogs, online reviews, and Instagram posts. When choosing your components, discuss your formula and ideal application with us and we’ll offer a few different solutions to get started. Testing different components for ideal dosage and output is a normal step in the process of choosing your ideal packaging components.

Form: Perhaps the most fun and creative aspect of your packaging components is choosing the shape, color, and finish of your packaging! While keeping your formula and ideal functionality as a guide, we can begin to offer components that speak to your branding and marketing. Whether it’s a 1oz glass bottle or a 12oz PET jar, we’d be glad to help guide the search. Your product is worth it!